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Bench International partnered with the California Life Sciences Association (“CLSA”) in sponsoring a Women Leading Life Sciences Executive Dinner that was Chaired by Bench International’s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Denise (“DeeDee”) DeMan. The topic of discussion led by Dee Dee was “How Bold Women Defy Glass and Break Cement Ceilings: Unlocking the Secrets, Wisdom and Impact We Have on the Sector, Patients and Ourselves.” In attendance at the dinner were 18 powerful women who are clearly at the top of their game yet still struggling to find that “proverbial balance” between family and children while achieving relevance as well as legacy in their careers. The event focused on mentoring women to overcome barriers to female leadership. DeeDee’s vision provided the framework and foundation for a very rewarding evening of lively and substantive discussion which included the sharing of personal stories about obstacles and challenges all participants have faced in their careers.

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