Events and Resources

Recent Events:

Bench International partnered with the California Life Sciences Association (“CLSA”) in sponsoring a Women Leading Life Sciences Executive Dinner in May that was Chaired by Bench International’s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Denise (“DeeDee”) DeMan. The topic of discussion led by Dee Dee was “How Bold Women Defy Glass and Break Cement Ceilings: Unlocking the Secrets, Wisdom and Impact We Have on the Sector, Patients and Ourselves.” In attendance at the dinner were 18 powerful women who are clearly at the top of their game yet still struggling to find that “proverbial balance” between family and children while achieving relevance as well as legacy in their careers. The event focused on mentoring women to overcome barriers to female leadership. DeeDee’s vision provided the framework and foundation for a very rewarding evening of lively and substantive discussion which included the sharing of personal stories about obstacles and challenges all participants have faced in their careers.

Upcoming Events - WIB/EWIB:

Bench will be in attendance at a one-day executive programming event to be held at George Washington University with the 2019 Boardroom Ready Class, providing the opportunity to secure first-hand knowledge from participants on their experiences to better address their concerns and issues going forward.
Bench will be attending WIB’s Boardroom Ready Annual Retreat Reception, a networking reception for Chief Executive Officers, corporate board members, and others to be held in Boston on November 13, 2019. Bench will also participate in the Boardroom Ready Annual Retreat "recruiter roundtable” - a round-robin session that provides the opportunity to meet with Boardroom Ready alumnae in a small group setting.
DeeDee DeMan will be moderating a Board Placement Panel at the BIO Conference in 2020. Now in its third year, this well-received Panel meets annually so that so board members can discuss their path to board service. More information to follow.
Bench will be presenting a topic of interest to WIB as a webinar for broadcast to the Executive WIB community. Topics under consideration include: How to interview for a C-suite or Board member role; Effective networking tips; Coaching tips for personal branding; Best practices for working with executive search firms. More information to follow.

Upcoming Events:

2020 Women on Board Event: On November 21st, business leaders across the U.S. will meet to discuss the importance of diversity in the corporate boardroom, with the theme: Collaborating with ALL Companies to Increase Board Diversity.

Kim Mittemeyer, Bench International’s Regional Head, San Diego, will be serving on the San Diego 2020 Women on Boards Host Committee to plan and promote a San Diego event to be held in the AMN Healthcare headquarters in November. The theme for this year’s National Conversation on Board Diversity is “Now is the Time: How Can We Help Each Other and Seek Allies to Find a Corporate Board Seat.”

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